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DNV wines are a sort of fusion of high quality wine and low priced wine.


Everybody deserves to drink good wine.

Most of wine-lovers has no opportunity to drink good wine, because, most of the time quality means expensive. High quality, high price and low quality, low price. You get what you pay for. Unfortunately, not all of us have the money for “high quality”. We drink the wine we can afford.

We decided to alter that concept.

DNV wines are a sort of fusion of high quality wine and low priced wine.

They are meant for every life occasion, they mark important life events with good quality wine for less money. At birthdays, weddings and parties when your guests taste the wines they will be pleasantly surprised.

We want to become integral part of every family and all life events which deserve good wine and in this case, not an expensive one.

We also want to bring the wine culture at its deserved place, as a part of general culture and that is why our wines come in 0.75L glass bottles with corks, so you can enjoy a ceremony of opening a fresh bottle of wine and serving it.

Aware of the fact that the wine market is flooded, DNV wines will gain its recognition very rapidly with its high quality and low price at the same time.

DNV wines

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Winery Pešić

Address: Lisačka 21,
11460 Belgrade-Barajevo, Serbia

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Address: Blažo Aleksov 51
1430 Kavadarci, Republic of North Macedonia





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