Shanghai Pro Wine China 2019.

Pictures from the booth and fair

Pictures of Shanghai

DNV Pešić Wines have had a very noticed performance at the Pro Wine China held in Shanghai in November 2019.
Even though the French wineries were the main stars of the show, DNV Pešić Wines had good attendance and successful business meetings. On that occasion deals and collaborations were made with few distributors regarding shipment of or wines and spirits to China – Shanghai district and south-east Asia. We also made agreements with our current distributor about marketing strategies so that DNV Pešić Wines would position better in tough China market. In that sense, talks were made about promotional activities in Chengdu, the capital of Chinese province of Sichuan, where our wines are being sold at the moment and where we are on the brink of signing a contract with the big retailer chain called Red Flag.

We are immensely grateful to our business partner from Changdu, and all our future partners, for their hospitality and successful business deals.

ProWine China 2019

DNV Wines-Pešić Winery will independently perform at the prestigious Shanghai ProWine China 2019 Wine Fair,, held November 12th-14th at the SNIEC halls at booth number W5X14. We hope success and good results.

November Wine Festival

DNV Wines-Pešić Winery will also be performing at the November Wine Festival, which is being held at the Zira Hotel on November 1st and 2nd. You can see more at

Menifestation of the Zemun wine and food

Manifestation of the Zemun wine and food – Danube festival with Love 2019 and 7. Zemun’s Wine Square was held on 29 March. and 30. In the great square in Zemun, organized by Serbian wine, TD Zemun, City markets and Municipality of Zemun, with the support of the City of Belgrade, DNV Wines and DPC.

The event was inaugurated officially by the president of Zemun Municipality, Dejan Matic, and in the name of the organizer was addressed by Velibor Pesic, director of Serbian wines and DNV Wines and Mira Nikolić, President TD Zemun.

The Program was led by our well-known host and Wine Knight Miša Ciric, and the audience was the first day of the festival the event singer Dragica Radosavljević Cakana and second day folklore societies from Zemun municipality.

Visitors had a chance to enjoy a number of wine exhibitors and try free of charge of more than 300 label wines. In both days.

The event visited over 2,000 domestic and foreign guests, especially the Chinese, with which Serbia builds a steel friendship thanks to State policy, in the interest of both peoples and the state. 

The Stand DNV Wines-Winery Pešić was one of the most visited stands in which wine lovers enjoyed the quality of DNV wines, in accordance with the slogan that “Everyone deserves to drink good wines” and “Good wine for everyone’s pocket”.

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